For The Love of Dogs, LLC

Meet and Greet

One of the first steps to signing up for pet sitting services is the initial consultation with your dog walker or ipet sitter. 

This consultation serves many purposes for both the client and sitter and is important in insuring that you receive the best possible care for your pets.

The goal of this meeting is for the client to explain all the home and pets routines and make sure both the humans and pets are a good fit.

During this time, the client profile, pet profile, and our policies will be reviewed. It is important that you fill out your online profile completely prior to the meeting.  The meet & greet is complimentary.  Daily Dog Walking  Visits

These visits are customized to the needs of you pets. Whether you prefer playtime in your fenced in yard, a nice walk or just a quick potty break.

We have you covered!

Each dog is different, and we are happy to accomodate whatever their needs may be.

$20.00 - $24.00 per visit


 Vacation Dog Sitting Visits

   If you are going away over night or for a long vacation, we will come to your home to care for you pets. There is a minimum of 3 visits per day required for this service, but we are happy to visit more often if you wish. We offer visits  morning, midday, and bedtime for the standard 3 visits.

We will customize additional visits to your specific needs.

We do require you let us know what time you plan on leaving the first day of service, and what time you plan on returning the last day of service. This helps us properly plan out our visits so your pets aren't left alone for an extended period of time.

This can be easily entered into you schedule using ou  client portal during your intital schedule request.

We always ask that you text or email us upon your arrival home so we know that your pets are safely back in your care.

$20.00 -25.00 per visit 

 All pets in the household must belong to the same owner or separate contracts must be signed, and full rates will apply to each owner.




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