For The Love of Dogs, LLC



Meet and Greet:  This meeting is the first opportunity for you and your pets to meet your new pet sitter.  Your pets can begin to familiarize themselves with your sitter. This is the clients opportunity to see how the person they are entrusting with the care of interacts with them. During this time, the Client Profile, Pet Profile Service Agreement, and Cancellation Policy will be reviewed. It is important that you fill your online profile completely prior to the meeting.  This meeting is complimentary. If a second meeting is requested, a $20.00 fee will be charged.

Review of Routine:  Your pet sitter will want to know all about your pets routine such as when and where they eat, sleep, and what they like to do for fun, as well as walking schedules.  It is great to have this discussion in your home because it allows the client to show the pet sitter where things are and what the routine looks like.

Client Portal: Please make sure that you enter thorough notes and information in your online account.  We refer to your online account while pet sitting for you.  We need your contact information to be correct, veterinary contact info and vaccination dates, and instructions to care for your home and pets.  The client portal is a secure site.  You can also pay online, check your schedule, request service and cancel visits in the client portal.

Reservations: FTLOD Pet Sitting & Dog Walking is a reservation in advance service

A 50% deposit is required to to secure any requested pet sitting dates. 

Deposit must be received within 3 days after meet and greet or your reservation will automatically be canceled. 

*This deposit requirement does not apply to daily dog walking visits. 

While we will make every effort to meet your emergency and last minute needs, we cannot ensure last minute requests and we are not an on call service.

Privacy Policy:  We will not share your personal information with any other third party for marketing or promotional reasons.  We collect your name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, payment information, and home/pet information for the sole purpose of providing quality pet care and home care services for you.  This information is maintained in a secure online software system. We do take photos throughout our visits. These photos are used for reference in care and set up, social media posts and are the property of FTLOD. We never post your name, address or areas of your home that might show address number, street name or last names.  We also welcome photos from yiu if you'd like to share on any of out social media. 

Pet Safety:  We will not allow any dogs to remain outside in a kennel, off leash or unattended in fenced in area, or electric fence area.

Pets, especially puppies, will not be left on crates with collars, harnesses or leashes attached, as this poses a serious potential for injury.

Pets must have access to water at all times. Withholding water is not a way to house train. It is neglectful as water is required for proper hydration.  Just as you need to stay hydrated, so do your pets. 

We are a cruelty free pet sitting company, we do not, and will not use any choke, prong or  pinch collars. These types of devices can potentially be very harmful to dogs. 

All doors to the home will be locked when the dog walker or pet sitter leaves the home.

For the safety of your pets and home, as well as to comply with insurance regulations, no other person should be permitted in your home during the service period.

No wood burning fireplaces, or candles, or any open flames are permitted while your pets are in our care. 

No other person is permitted to care for your pets during the service period.

(exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis)

Outside cats must be kept inside during the service period.

*If at any time we feel an animal in our care is being neglected or abused, we will take appropriate steps to protect the welfare of  the animal. *

 Payments: All payments are due on the first day of service.  

A 50%  non refundable deposit is required to to secure any requested pet sitting dates. 

Deposit must be received within 3 days after meet and greet or your reservation will automatically be canceled. 

* This  deposit requirement does not apply to daily dog walking visits. 

Past due invoices are subject to a $5.00 late fee for every 5 days the invoice is overdue.

We have a no refund policy. 

Any prepaid canceled visits will be credited to your account and applied toward future visits.

Minimum Visit Requirements:  All dogs require a minimum of 3 visits per day while clients are away on vacation. All cats require a minimum of 1 visit per day while clients are away on vacation.

These policies are in place for the safety of your pets. 


HOLIDAYS: Please make holiday reservations as early as your plans permit for all vacations and holiday visits. There is a $5.00 per visit holiday surcharge for the following holidays: New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.


Home Access: We do no accept garage door openers or access codes as the primary form of access to your home. If there is a power outage, or dead batteries in your openers,  we will no be able to enter the home. Hidden keys are also not an acceptable primary form of access. 



We service the following towns:

Prospect, Cheshire, Hamden, Bethany and Woodbridge