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Keep Your Dogs Breath Fresh!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018, 7:58AM by Sheri

Some great ways to help keep your dogs breath kissable and fresh.

Carrots & Apples 
Tartar and plaque on teeth leads to smelly bacteria, but reaching that tarter—particularly on the back teeth and along the gum line—can be a tough job for a doggy toothbrush on a wiggly pup. A daily snack of crunchy carrots or apples can help clean those hard-to-reach teeth (while also serving as a healthy treat).

Mint & Parsley
Got a cute windowsill herb garden? When you harvest the mint and parsley, sprinkle some in the dog bowl too. Not only are both of these herbs natural breath deodorants, the green chlorophyll fights stinky bacteria in the mouth and in the digestive system, too.

Clean teeth and gums may mean overall better health, but an unhealthy gut is also a common culprit when it comes to bad breath. Probiotics are known to help the digestive system by supporting good bacteria in the body and many dog-friendly human foods are a good source: Yogurt or kefir, bananas, and honey all boast natural probiotic properties.

Apple Cider Vinegar
A half teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in your dog's water bowl is a natural disinfectant and a great way to lap up better breath. Bonus: most dogs actually like that tangy taste!

Fresh Water
Speaking of your dog's water bowl, it's a breeding ground for bacteria buildup invisible to the eye. Thoroughly wash and dry your dog's water dish every day before refilling it with clean water.

Coconut Oil 
This multi-use oil is quickly becoming a favorite cure-all for humans, and now you can add “fights bad dog breath” to its list of superpowers. A spoonful of this healthy fat for your dog is a sweet treat that aids digestion and immune system function. It also makes your dog's coat so shiny!